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BOSS BOTTLED TONIC is a new fresh fragrance in the classic BOSS BOTTLED line that reveals the unknown facets of masculinity and invites the Man of Our Time to pause to rush to the unchallenged heights of success with new forces.


In the modern ever-accelerating world, the Man of Our Time understands how important it is to stop, look at the prospects for the future, think about your goals and continue moving forward. Vigorous, manly BOSS BOTTLED TONIC embodies this need of a modern man 100% and, thanks to a unique olfactory composition, inspires success, helping to achieve the set goals.


The new manly fragrance is an elegant blend of exquisite citrus, spicy and woody notes that give the lightness and fresh sound of a classic composition.


BOSS BOTTLED TONIC reveals a juicy chord of grapefruit, orange and lemon, which in combination with an apple note gives freshness and a powerful charge of energy. Such a combination has a beautiful bitter tint, its counter-denial in the life of the Man of Our Time.


Thanks to the note of ginger in the heart, a cool initial chord gets an exciting and vivid continuation. At the same time, ginger strengthens the classic trio of notes of carnation, geranium and cinnamon and gives a shade of identity: shrill, yet restrained - similar to its owner.


Preserving the elegance of wood basic notes of classical composition, the novelty is supplemented with a noble fragrance of vetiver, which gives the fragrance an earthy train that awakens the self-esteem of the Men of Our Time.


Bottle BOSS BOTTLED TONIC continues the line of classic BOSS BOTTLED, but the liquid of a saturated blue color emphasizes the invigorating and fresh character of the new composition: the clarity of perception that is bottled in the vials, which every Man of Our Time sometimes needs.


Photos of the advertising campaign BOSS BOTTLED TONIC shot by renowned photographer Cliff Watts (Cliff Watts). They reflect the basic life values ??of the Man of Our Time: courage, strength and integrity of nature.

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